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Deja Vu: NK Hate Against US For More Than 65 Years

When I was recalled for Navy active duty in the Korean War in 1951, I remember seeing anti-USA posters from North Korea. Many depicted cruel GIs invading and killing innocent Asian kids.

Now, in my advanced old age, I realize the hate between the nations and same propaganda scenes have never ended. And today, with both nations headed by pompous clowns, the hate has intensified to dangerous levels.

Following World War 2, enemy nations that had tried to destroy each other eventually shared peace. One of America’s strongest allies today is Japan, and relationships with Germany and Italy are totally friendly and cooperative. Even hatreds of the later war in Vietnam have cooled off with open trade and tourism.

However, after six decades, and with both countries pointing advanced nucelar weapons at each other, the USA and North Korea can literally destroy the world. For those of us who know the history of the Korean War, we can’t help feeling President Harry Truman was totally wrong in firing General MacArthur in 1951.

The general’s plan was to use massive force to destroy the Communist regime and free all of North Korea. If that had happened then, maybe today we wouldn’t have to endure the hate-USA propaganda and insane dictator. And much worse, wait for the first nuclear armed missile to arrive on American soil.

Tattoos May Be Why You Didn’t Get That Job

Does it ever occur to a heavily skin-pictured applicant that to a prospective boss, his/her physical appearance may be frightening? Employers may ponder: Why do such odd-looking people expect anything else? Are they seeking rejection just so they can be even more hostile?

Of course, in this day of more relaxed attitudes, and for certain jobs, the tattooed applicant may get the job. But in those situations, even the most liberal bosses may fear hiring a potential on-the-job troublemaker.

To some, heavy skin designs often identify people associated with violent city gangs, outlaw motorcycle clubs and former prison inmates. What employer isn’t going to think twice before hiring any of those graphically anti-social types?

When I joined the Navy as a teenager in World War II, tattoos were traditional for centuries. Many of the most fancy were on veteran sailors who had served in the Far East in the 1930s. There was a label for a seasoned gob covered with tattoos. He was said to have gone Asiatic, i.e. crazy. It still applies to those who choose to cover their skin with pictures.

Of course, thinking myself already an old salt at age 18, along with other new boot camp grads, I was tempted to go out and get tattooed. Fortunately, I never got that drunk and resisted the urge. Think of how those images would look today on my wrinkled, saggy 91-year-old skin.

Memorial Day 2017: Pause To Honor Our Veterans

Of the more than 16 million who served in World War 2, only 10% are still around. When you celebrate the holiday, take a moment to honor the men and women who wore and still wear our nation’s uniforms.

When we realize that America has not won any of the many wars since World War 2, and are still tangled in today’s international conflicts, it can be discouraging. We must face nuclear weapons in the hands of insane leaders, suicidal fanatics who kill children and other world challenges.

However, on Memorial Day we should still feel deep gratitude and praise for American men and women since 1776 who fought and died to preserve our freedom.

New York NY: Say Bye Bye To The Carnegie Deli

After surviving 80 years that included economic depression, world war and overeating tourists, the famed eatery across the street from Carnegie Hall is no more. Just hours before the new year began, after nostalgic customers swarmed in for one last enormous pastrami on rye, the deli’s doors on Manhattan’s Madison Avenue closed forever.

Of course, anyone who experienced the Carnegie Deli has fond memories. Mine are still bright. During WW2, this lonely teenage sailor munched a corned beef sandwich while at a nearby table Ethel Merman, Mary Martin and their friends dined.

Again, recalled for active duty in the Korean War and assigned to a training program at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, any trip into Manhattan included at least one meal at the Carnegie Deli. And in all the years since, with family and friends in the city, we made the famed eatery one of our destinations.

A bright note is that several Carnegie Deli branches will stay open. They include at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Bethlehem, Pa., Madison Square Garden and the annual U.S. Open tennis tournament in Queens.

Murderous Stupidity: Never-Ending Contagious Disease

Dallas, Baton Rouge, Turkey, France. The senseless killing goes on. Of course, clueless humans have always found ways to murder each other, from Cain to Hitler to today’s latest atrocities.

Many of us, starting when very young, are infected by the primeval urge. During World War 2, and just after my 18th birthday, I joined the Navy. Soon my naive teen brain was being processed to make me a trained killer. We were never allowed to forget that the purpose of boot camp rifles and bayonets was to kill enemy teens.

We went on to further training in much more effective shipboard and aircraft weapons. We knew, of course, our patriotic efforts would not only kill military foe, but also murder enemy children and civilian adults. In our brainwashed minds, that was what they deserved for supporting their evil empires.

Unfortunately, the spreading mental disease continues to infect. Today’s killers who senselessly murder people and police in the streets are also brainwashed. Their twisted minds have been carefully laundered by loud-mouthed leaders to believe they have a religious, ethnic, political or otherwise stupid mission to kill.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. John F. Kennedy

90-Year-Old Guy Finally Awarded High School Diploma

Didja see the recent news about this happening at a high school graduation ceremony in Elmira Heights NY? It was a sentimental journey for him back to 1943 when he quit school to join the Navy in World War II.

Can you imagine what could happen if this honorary diploma stuff gets spread around to belatedly honor we 90-year-olds?

What if another old guy quit pre-med school 73 years ago to join the Marines? When he gets his degree now, wouldja be OK if he took out your appendix?

How about another nonagenarian getting his honorary engineering degree because he quit school to join the Air Force? Wouldja take the elevator up in the skyscraper he designs?

And there’s the 90-year-old former student at the police academy who quit the program to join the Army. Wouldja enjoy riding with him today as he chases bad guys at 90 MPH in his police cruiser?

Finally, there’s the nine-decades-old guy who quit veterinary school to join the Coast Guard. After he gets his honorary degree, wouldja be standing much too close to his scalpel as he neuters your dog?