Memorial Day 2017: Pause To Honor Our Veterans

Of the more than 16 million who served in World War 2, only 10% are still around. When you celebrate the holiday, take a moment to honor the men and women who wore and still wear our nation’s uniforms.

When we realize that America has not won any of the many wars since World War 2, and are still tangled in today’s international conflicts, it can be discouraging. We must face nuclear weapons in the hands of insane leaders, suicidal fanatics who kill children and other world challenges.

However, on Memorial Day we should still feel deep gratitude and praise for American men and women since 1776 who fought and died to preserve our freedom.

Humor: How To Make A Lot Of Quick Money

Of course, to make a living, your parents told you to be successful you had to stay awake in school. Also be respectful, comb your hair and brush your teeth. Now in my 90s, I finally realize there are other much more effective ways to get rich. Here are some:

1. Get your sorry ass dragged off a United flight and hire a crooked lawyer.

2. Take a baby buggy aboard an American Airlines flight and get hit by attendant.

3, While innocently rioting in the streets and looting stores, get shot by a cop.

4. If a woman, entice a horny Bill: O’Reilly, Clinton and/or Cosby, hire a crooked lawyer and earn a lot of $10,000 Bills.

5. Write make-money-from-home scam ads with horrible English grammar and post online.

6. Dress up as a phony Disney character and panhandle on NYC’s Broadway or LA’s Hollywood Boulevard.

7. Put on a ragged old army uniform, hire a cute little kid and soulful dog. Look pitiful and beg in front of Trump Tower.

8. Marry a future president with billions of bucks and hire a crooked (is there any other kind?) divorce lawyer to get millions of bucks.

9. Get good at a school playground ballgame as a kid, better as a teen and then sign a major league contract for multi-millions of bucks.

10. Squawk angry gutter language into a mike and marry a Kardashian.

15 Of 19 Terrorists In The 9/11 Attack Were Saudis

American sheik Donald Trump enjoyed playing footsie and finance with the Saudi Arabian leaders. Flashing his new Saudi medal, is he now living the harem life of Rudolph Valentino? Or is he aware that those 15 Saudi terrorists murdered more than 3,000 Americans on that terrible day in 2001?

Does Trump also remember that the Saudi cartels were responsible for kiting the price of oil by cutting off shipments to the US in 1973. To the glee of the Saudis, it caused long lines at American gas stations and unending price rises we still suffer today.

Gas at the pump prices that year immediately skyrocketed from 35¢ a gallon to $1, $2 and beyond. That was just the beginning. The ever-increasing cost of the Saudi fuel sent the entire U.S. economy into continuing inflation. If you’re old enough to remember, consider 1973 prices of cars, houses, groceries and everything else compared to today’s inflated costs.

Of course, business is business, and billionaire tycoon Trump is busting out with all kinds of multi-billion-dollar deals he wrangled from the Saudis. Maybe when they decide to raise the price of a gallon of gas to $10 and beyond, the President may wake up. He may suddenly realize that the royal bathrobe and burka Saudi sheiks are not his loving harem.

Job Hunt: Try All You Believe Will Work

A guy called this morning. By his very foreign accent and familiar sales pitch, it was instantly evident this was a boiler-room robocall to sell me, the typical retiree sucker, some kind of phony insurance or vacation plan.

Or worse, if he could get this vulnerable, addled-headed senior to spell out my Social Security, credit card and/or bank account number, he could instantly rip me off. However, as obnoxious as the guy was, he was applying the old technique most successful job-hunters use.

By making 50 or 100 calls a day, statistics prove he’ll hit the jackpot with two or three suckers. It only takes one good hit to empty out an old pensioner’s bank account or sell the credit card number for other crooks to run up huge bills.

You can learn from those phonies and apply the technique to honest job searches. In your own multi-call hunt, the more places you can plant your name, or better yet, your butt for an interview, the better your chances are of getting hired.

Use your computer to check out every possible job opportunity on the internet that may be for you. The same applies to jobs you see in daily newspaper ads, on bulletin boards, lists provided by your school or college career advisor and elsewhere.

Then, by smartphone, snailmail, email, fax, phone or personal visit, let the potential employers know you’re interested in the available job. And do it all in every possible way that will give you the best shot at it.

You don’t have to be fancy with that first contact with long letters, ten-page resumés, insincere career goal statements, how you starred in the school production of “Macbeth” and the rest. It’s possible that 99% of those who get your message won’t even bother to respond. Just briefly list important facts and appropriate skills and experience that fit the specific job offered. Then get it out quickly!

Of course, back in ancient times before smartphones, when I was a job seeker, I tried every trick. When I needed to get my foot in the door ahead of all the others, one way was if I knew someone already working there. I’d call and ask for a recommendation, and if he/she could help me make an appointment before the general interviewing began. It worked several times in my career, and is always worth the extra effort.

Creativity can always be a big plus in impressing the interviewer, especially if he/she will be your eventual boss. In my experience as a manager hiring new people, I always admired the enthusiastic, creative job seeker, even if he/she used unusual methods.

When I managed a 40-employee ad and PR department of a large company, we were always expanding and replacing. In more than 25 years, I hired an average of three or four people annually. I sought mostly college grads, with one or two years of workplace experience. I preferred business majors, rather than those with academic degrees.

I needed pro writers who could sell our products, not glorify a lovely morning in lyric poetry. I could always tell during interviews if the applicant had a degree in business or Shakespeare’s minor sonnets.

The non-academic, business-headed ones were always positive, finding ways to get me to see their samples and listen to pitches. These were years before the internet and smartphones, and some found my home phone number. Then, with appropriately insincere apologies, said they thought I’d prefer to talk away from the busy office.

Some just showed up without an appointment. One very bright young business major grad learned from her friend in my company when I was attending a concert. At intermission, she started up a friendly conversation with me, and just happened to bring up the subject that she was looking for a job.

I hired her, and during the next 15 years, she made it to assistant manager, manager, director, then VP. That clever job applicant eventually outranked her old boss! Jealous as hell, I was proud that I’d made the right decision in bringing her aboard.

Lecher Of The Free World’s Ass In A Sling

Believing he was anointed America’s king.
Donald Trump acts so damned high-fallootin’,
When lining himself up with Vladmir Putin.
He ignores the no-no from everyone’s mommy,
And gave away secrets to that Ruskie commie.
Our blustering president is just a big fat liar,
Which causes his britches to catch on fire.
So let’s recover from this political nonsense,
And give the White House to Michael Pence.

Photo Essay Of My Wandering Day In May

Along with shoppers, tourists, families, pets and strollers, I encounter others on my daily wanderings through West Hollwyood. Along the sidewalks, just a few city blocks from the glamorous Sunset Strip and posh Beverly Hills, there are the wanderers. Carrying everything they own, they stop to rest and hope kindhearted passers-by will offer cash.

Of course, the money may be used to buy booze and drugs. But maybe some will provide meals or a safe place to spend the night.