Andy Warhol-ish View Of The Hollywood Hills

A recent Warhol photo-to-silkscreen painting sold for $37 million. Would any rich art patron pay your editor at least a couple million for this almost-abstract photo? I pointed my camera north on Olive Street in West Hollywood, from Santa Monica Blvd, to Sunset Blvd, then Hollywood Blvd, then the Hollywood Hills. Next time you travel here, make it a heavenly hike challenge and stroll thru lovely LaLaLand.

Tree-Climbing Boy Recalls My Childhood Moments

My recent photo reminds me of the opening lines of a favorite poem:
Backward, turn backward, o time in your flight, make me a child again, just for tonight.

As summer approaches, I’m reminded of my Philly boys’ orphanage years way back when. After strict discipline throughout the school months, we relaxed during summers in our Pocono Mountains camp. Fun activities included fishing, canoe paddling, swimming, hikes, lakes, waterfalls and of course, tree climbing.

Who’s The Sneaky Old Creep Pointing His Lens At Me?

At almost age 93, I’m out twice daily roaming Route 66 in West Hollywood, just a few miles before the famed highway ends at the Pacific Ocean beaches of Santa Monica. Shouldn’t I be spending retirement days inside a dreary nursing home hallway drooling into my chicken soup?

Instead, I believe the daily hikes and photo snaps for my website are necessary to maintain both physical and mental health. If you’re also in or approaching those sunset years, consider finding similar activities. They’ll keep an active lifestyle alive and enjoyable.

Tobacco Addict: You’re Killing Yourself, So Quit Killing Others!

The cancerous weed logic goes as far back as King James I’s 1604 treatise. “A Counterblaste to Tobacco”. He called tobacco a “filthie noveltie” that was “hatefull to the Nose” and “harmefull to the braine.”

So, let’s get real with words as offensive as your addiction is to non-smokers. Your cigarettes, reeking clothing and contaminated breath stink up all the air around you. Your disgusting odor lingers in flights, restaurants, elevators, sidewalks, forests and parks.

Worse, when you stupidly fall asleep in bed or camping with a lighted cigarette, you kill as many people every year as all the nutcase bombers in the world. You’re usually one of the victims, and won’t get the chance to start another deadly fire nor continue your stinking addiction. Oh, and by the way, have a nice smokeless day.

Robbery Prices: Summertime And The Gypping Is Easy!

The distorted Ira Gershwin lyrics from Porgy and Bess certainly apply this year. Every crook from greedy Middle East oil producers to your friendly neighborhood gas station owner is out to rob you at the pumps.

In addition to loudly cussing out the station owner each time you need to gas up, the only way the senior traveler can fight back is to use less of the overpriced stuff. Do local errands on foot and bike. On driving vacations, plan them closer to home, or just stay home. Also, when a car trip is necessary, get together with car-owning friends, neighbors and family to share the ride. And when you need a new car, consider an all-electric.

Mothers Day: My Mom Was An Undocumented Immigrant

The original story of how my maternal grandparents and their six pre-teen daughters got into the USA in 1906 has been obscured over the years. As I vaguely remember, she told me they escaped their destroyed Russian ghetto village, crossed several borders illegally to France, and worked on a cattle boat to get to England.

Then they hopped a ferry to Ireland and spent all their remaining money to get aboard a freighter and slept in the ship’s hold for two weeks. They slipped off at night to illegally enter New York. Then, they didn’t march around New York waving Russian flags. They learned English, became U.S. citizens and worked in the clothing industry, starting at 50¢ an hour. Thanks for everything, Mom, and somewhere up there I hope you’re being honored today.