Swiss Ban Cruel Boiling Of Live Lobsters

We enjoy lobsters, whether dining around a campfire or in our home kitchen. At a fancy restaurant, we never ask the waiter to kill our dinner humanely. Not that boiling live critters is humane, but I doubt if Swiss butchers prepare their other foods, including cattle, clams and chicken, with kindness on execution day.

The Swiss law also suggests a contradiction in terms: humane death by “rendering them unconscious”, and then it’s OK to dump your lobsters into scalding water. The new law also gives domestic pets protections, including not preventing dogs from barking. Oh sure, tell that to the neighbors when your hound dog bays at the moon at midnight.

Saudi Prince Charming Woos Trump At The White House

Prince Mohammed bin Salman didn’t float into America on a magic carpet, but he may float some promises of better relations with the US government. He’s in line to be the next Saudi king, so the meeting with the regal-minded American president should be on somewhat equal terms.

They’ll discuss many subjects, including oil, Iran, Israel-Palestinian conflict, nuclear situation and other critical subjects. Of course, we Americans hope the president remembers that, according to the FBI, of the 19 hijackers who murdered more than 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01, 15 were from Saudi Arabia.

Ballots All Counted: Putin Narrowly Wins Russian Election

He squeaked by with only 75% of the vote. The losing candidates wanted to congratulate President Vladimir, but cellphones don’t work from deep inside Siberian coal mines. He did get a one-word note from Chinese President-For-Life Xi Jinping: Amateur!

This is Putin’s fourth six-year term, and he has hinted that he may retire when it ends in 2024. U.S. President Trump is considering going to Moscow and celebrate the election win with his good pal, Vlad. However, it’s still winter weather in Russia, and Trump’s advisors have warned him not to get involved in another Stormy situation.

Family Feud: Old Quiz Show Fan Has Mixed Opinions

I enjoy TV quiz shows, and watch them every evening. My only appearance on one was for Password. Actor Peter Lawford was my partner vs comedienne Carole Burnett, and I won top prize of $500. It was aired in September 1963, just two months before Lawford’s brother-in-law, President John F. Kennedy, was killed in Dallas.

My current favorite is Family Feud. Steve Harvey does a great job as MC. He’s very talented, though he could use a grammar lesson or two. An obviously well-educated guy, he too often speaks street and rap scat for emphasis.

The show also has obvious bias for bringing in black families, who are half of the contestant teams. And the men in tailored suits may indicate that Steve supplies new clothing to give them style. Conversely, often while I watch white families struggle with questions, it seems they must pass a stupidity test to qualify for the show.

All contestants are obviously coached to say the word Steve with every answer, and in response each time he speaks to them. He never wants the home viewers to forget who runs the show. Also, suggestive subjects and formerly forbidden words give spice to the contest. To hilarious effect, Steve makes a big deal of being offended or puzzled when a contestant utters a sexual innuendo or bodily function word.

I believe Steve is consciously making up for the decades of quiz shows when black contestants were very rare. Family Feud is hugely popular, as well as earning him numerous other shows and TV gigs. Just a few years ago, unemployed stand-up comedian Steve Harvey was living out of his car. We can only guess how many cars and and more luxurious places to sleep he has today. Go get ‘em, Steve!

Trump Continues The Pursuits Of Purile Presidents

Every day it seems our noble leader of the free world is getting himself into more trouble because of his sexual misbehavior. Is he the first to turn the White House into a house of ill repute? How do the scandal sheets love them? Let me count the (alleged) ways.

Tom Jefferson had children with his slave, Sally Jennings.
Andy Jackson married his wife, Rachel, before her divorce was final.
James Buchanan had homosexual affairs.
Grover Cleveland had an out-of-wedlock child.
Warren Harding had two mistresses.
Franklin D. Roosevelt had Lucy Mercer and several others.
John F. Kennedy had many affairs, including with Marilyn Monroe.
Ronald Reagan dumped his first wife, movie star Jane Wyman, for Nancy.
Bill Clinton was the first President impeached for his sexual misconduct.

Do you believe Abe Lincoln was misquoted at Gettysburg when he said: I scored with four women seven years ago.

Fox TV Says It Will Cut Ads To Two Minutes Per Hour

According to the Wall Street Journal, that network’s goal is set to begin soon. And if you believe it will actually happen, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you real cheap. Remember way back in the 1960s when you actually could watch TV shows and sports with just two or three one-minute ads per hour? Them daze is gone forever!

The reality is that today, the average interruption time is about 15 minutes per hour on regular network broadcasts. On cable, such as reruns of TV classics and sports, it’s 25 minutes. Attempting to watch my favorite programs today, such as pro football, Seinfeld and Everybody Loves Raymond, is often agonizingly interrupted by the endlessly repeated identical commercials.

Not only the interruptions, but content of the ads have become more and more obnoxious in sound and sight. Frequently, the exact same tiresome commercial, already too painfully familiar for a year or more of daily exposure, is on the screen several times during the 30-minute program.

One happy aspect of my advanced old age about watching TV is that I must wear earphones to hear the sound. As soon as commercials start, off come the earphones.