Harry & Meghan: Where Are The Blithering Bigots?

The soon-to-be royal couple seem to be blissfully in love and making wedding plans. However, the pairing up of a 33-year-old British prince with a half-black, half-Jewish (the shayna meydl’s first name is Rachel), 36-year-old divorced actress and model should make as many angry headlines as all of Hollywood’s ongoing groping tales.

Also, London’s mayor and thousands of its citizens are Muslim. Where are the screaming protests in the streets and the burning of American, British and/or Israeli flags? And maybe just a bit less vocal, but just as ticked off, will the Church of England and Catholic clergy take umbrage? They must face having a half-Jewish princess lording it over all the Buckingham Palace royals.

However, criticism has so far been surprisingly low key for the Harry and Meghan match-up. It wasn’t that way in 1936 England. This princely controversy is familiar to those of us who can remember back that far. That’s when England’s King Edward VIII stepped down from the throne to “marry the woman I love.”

She was Wallis Warfield Simpson, also a divorced (twice) American, whose soon-to-be-dumped husband was half-Jewish. At the time, every official from the British prime minister to the head of the Church of England was fuming and fussing about Edward’s non-blushing bride choice. It seems shocking royal marriage history will soon repeat itself in merry old England.

Hey, Smash NYC Statues Of History’s Bad Guys!

It was inevitable that the politically-idiocy experts follow up all the trashing of monuments to evil Confederate guys in the South. Now we’re urged by politically-idealistically professors to take the jackhammer to New York City statues of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Chris Columbus and other former, now disgraced, historic heroes.

Of course, because he had slaves, Washington’s monument in Union Square must be eliminated. The Roosevelt statue in front of the Museum of Natural History was recently splashed with red paint because it portrays him on his high horse, flanked by subjected Native American figures.

And of course, Chris at Columbus Circle was the first guy to invade the pristine land of America, grabbing ownership from the legit native owners. Who’s next? Hey, the Statue of Liberty is holding up a torch. Does that mean she’s disgracefully mourning the demise of her favorite horny politician or showbiz producer? So, let’s hammer her down into a stack of bitcoins.

Are California Wildfires Caused More By Humans Than Nature?

The current devastation may grow into some of the worst in state history. Of course, the dry weather and high winds account for the spread of the fires, but the start of many can each be traced to just one lighted cigarette. It could have been tossed from the window of a passing car, dropped by a smoker who fell asleep or other thoughtless actions.

Walk down any street at any time of day or night, and you’ll see the sidewalks littered with still-burning cigarette butts. Clueless smokers also carelessly drop them in parks and other areas of vulnerable trees, shrubs and grass.

According to recent studies at the University of California, smoking is also the leading cause of burn wounds and deaths caused by the fires. So, if you’re one of the addicted smokers, please observe all safety rules. The life you save from a cigarette-caused fire may be your own.

Tony Bennett & Barbra Streisand Still The Very Best

The rock squawkers and screamers are still out there making noise for their addled fans. Fortunately, a memorable new glow of nostalgia is also available for we seniors who can still appreciate actual music.

Barbra Streisand, a lively 75, just released a Columbia Records album, “The Music, the Mem’ries, the Magic”. It includes many of her famed hits from Broadway, films and albums. So, let’s all yell: “Happy Days Are Here Again!”

Meanwhile, Tony Bennett at 91 has no plans to slow down. After recently receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize, he’s continuing his incredible concert touring, and plans to team up again with Lady Gaga. And rumors are that he may be invited to perform at the White House. Eat your hearts out, Kanya, Flava, Iggy, Ozzy, Pink, Sting and Snoop Dog!

Gen. MacArthur: Was Truman Right In Firing Him?

As 2018 approaches, the economy, politics, sexual harassment and all the other news items fade with the potentially disastrous reality. North Korea claims to have successfully tested a nuclear missile that can reach all of North America.

President Trump and other world leaders will threaten and bluster. However, the potential is real today and the question has no satisfying answer. Can anything restrain the certifiably insane little North Korean dictator from pushing the button?

For those of us who served in the Korean War and history buffs, the memory of why then President Truman fired General MacArthur comes into vivid view today. A year after the North Korean sudden attack on South Korea in 1950, allied forces commanded by MacArthur had swept the invaders back across their border and into what would have been total defeat.

However, just when victory seemed certain, Communist China and the Soviet Union joined in on the side of the bad guys, tossing in weapons and millions of “volunteer” troops. It was an ironic twist of history. This was just five years after the end of World War 2, when the US helped those former friendly allies with massive amounts of equipment, ships and aircraft to defeat Japan and Germany.

Facing the enormous new opposition and possible Korean disaster, MacArthur asked President Truman to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. That was historically logical, because it’s what brought the Japanese to surrender just a few years before.

The proposal infuriated Truman, who had hopes of a negotiated truce, and he promptly relieved MacArthur of his command. The truce was signed in 1953, allowing the Communist regime to recover in North Korea and be a world military, and now nuclear, threat ever since.

Now, can anyone know today what could have happened if Truman had approved of nuclear strikes in Korea in 1951? After all, he was the one who made the fateful decision to drop two on Japan in 1945. Is it just possible that the threat or actual use in the Korean War would have resulted in a united, democratic Korea today? And no raving dictator with his finger on the button that could devastate the USA.

95-Year-Old Norman Lear’s TV Show On Nursing Home Sex

According to SHOWBIZ411, the famed producer is already shooting the first episodes he has been working on for several years. The title is “Guess Who Died?” Sadly, we fellow nonagenarians with fading sexual memories are certain that it has to be a very short series.

Consider some of the many spicy senior remarks to be aired in the sexy nursing home series:
My wheelchair or yours?
Dear, you’ll have to lower your Depends to do it right.
Help! It’s fallen and I can’t get it up.
Not sexy to wear reading glasses now, but otherwise I can’t find it.
I know the doctor said to take your pills at this hour, but don’t stop now!
Is that heavy breathing passion or are you having a heart attack?
I know you said you’re dying to be in bed with me, but not right now!

Memories: My Christmas Times At The Orphanage

It wasn’t like the stark institution where poor Oliver Twist asked for more gruel. It had a more dignified name than orphanage. From age six to 17, I lived at Girard College, then a free Philadelphia residence school for fatherless boys. Actually, because it was founded in the 1830s by wealthy merchant Stephen Girard, my living conditions and education were on par with private boarding schools for rich kids

Even after 80 years, my Christmas memories at Girard are still clear and mostly happily nostalgic. However, because I was one of the few Jewish boys, in my early years there I instinctively knew the holiday was not a natural celebration for me. And boys being boys, there were frequent physical and emotional schoolyard encounters with some of the majority Catholic and Protestant kids. I quickly had to learn the fight or flight theory to survive.

There was a very Christian routine at Girard, which included daily morning chapel services and twice on Sundays. Most of the daily Bible readings and hymns there related to the New Testament. Christmas time was the celebration of the birth of Christ. However, all the holiday social events made it enjoyable even for a six-year-old, slightly confused Jewish kid.

Our residence halls had Christmas trees, with presents for each boy under them. Also, we were taken to one of the city’s top department stores, Snellenberg’s, each December, to be fitted for a new suit. At meal time, there were delicious holiday dishes and sugary desserts. Eat your heart out, Oliver Twist!